Historic and cultural resources in Murmansk and the Murmansk region as potential for regional tourism development

Yulia Bardileva


The article provides an overview of historical and cultural resources of Murmansk and the Murmansk region as potential for development of cognitive (historical and cultural), religious and ethnic tourism in the region. Several groups of historical and cultural resources describes in article: primitive (archaeological) monuments, historical and ethnographic objects and monuments of religious culture, monuments to revolutionary and military history of the Murmansk region, monuments and memorials associated with exploration of the Arctic, monuments to famous workers of the Kola Peninsula, museums, theaters, concert halls and other cultural objects. All these objects of historical and cultural heritage in the Murmansk region are very important resources for development of tourism in the region. The program for historical and cultural tourism development can be represented by development of excursions to Murmansk, as well as weekend tours (sightseeing tours).


Tourism, Historical and cultural resources, Murmansk region

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