Prospects of urban tourism development in the Russian northern territories

Galina Zhigunova


This article is devoted to urban tourism development in the northern regions of Russia. City plays a significant role in tourism industry. City is a place of concentration of human capital, the greatest architectural and industrial monuments and sites of cultural and historical heritage, development of science and technology, various forms of leisure, culture and entertainment. This industry has a stimulating effect on trade, construction, transport, industry, agriculture and, therefore, is of interest not only to consumers of tourism services, but also for the city administration and the citizens themselves. In Russia, urban tourism is more developed in the central and southern parts of the country. Nevertheless, the territory of the Russian North is no less interesting for tourists than in central or southern Russia. Russian northern cities occupied an extremely important place in historical and cultural development of the country. Development of urban tourism in northern regions is facing many internal and external challenges, but it is being gradually recognized as one of the basic elements of urban development strategies that can contribute to prosperity of cities and their residents. In order to solve various problems purposeful policy is being conducted to create favourable conditions in tourist facilities and development of tourism is gradually being recognized as one of the basic elements of urban development strategies that can contribute to prosperity of cities and their residents.


City; Urban tourism; Territory; Urban environment; Russian North

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