Geotouristic attractions of Oulu and Rovaniemi regions (Northern Finland)

Miłosz A. Huber, Karolina Oszust, Olga Iakovleva


This paper discusses the geotouristic attractions of northern Finland region, where the area is located near the Arctic Circle. This region is characterized by interested natural beauty and numerous of the boreal species and animals. Finland is located at the Baltic Shield, where the discussed area have a very interesting rocks exposures. Perydotites in Oulu and migmatites in Rovaniemi and other old rocks can be seen on the surface of the earth which is possibility studied a various processes associated with magmatism, and metamorphism. It is present the numerous Pleistocene forms, in this part of the country's well readable. Oulu is an industrial and the academic city and Rovaniemi tourism and despite such a character of these cities, the Finns managed to keep close to nature in these centers.




Geotourism; Finland; Baltic shield; Lapland Granulite Belt

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