Current Life Sciences <p><strong>ISSN 2449-8866</strong><br><a title="ICV: 79.09" href=",p24783446,3.html" target="_blank" rel="noopener"><strong>ICV 2015: 79.09</strong></a></p> TMKarpinski Publisher en-US Current Life Sciences 2449-8866 Flora of District Samba of Jammu and Kashmir State - I <p>Samba is a newly formed district, located in Jammu and Kashmir State. The District was earlier a part of District Jammu of the State. Samba is situated on a range of Shivalik hills on the east of Jammu alongside the National Highway 1-A on the bank of river Basantar at a distance of forty kilometres from Jammu city. The present survey is undertaken since 2015 to explore the District taxonomically that will be helpful to carry out the research in other related fields. The current assessment of the taxonomic study of the area indicates that the District comprises of 677 species represented by 442 genera of 119 families of the flowering plants of which 77.1% are dicotyledons and 22.8% monocotyledons. The ten dominant genera of the District are <em>Cyperus</em> (18 spp.) followed by <em>Ipomoea</em> (13 spp.), <em>Ficus</em> (9 spp.), <em>Euphorbia</em> (8 spp.), <em>Fimbristylis</em> (8 spp.), <em>Acacia </em>( 5 spp.), <em>Cassia</em> (5 spp.), <em>Lindernia</em> (5 spp.), <em>Polygonum</em> (5 spp.),&nbsp; <em>Medicago</em> (4 spp.). Poaceae (70 spp.) is the most dominant family followed by Fabaceae (63 spp.) and Asteraceae (52 spp.).</p> <p><strong>DOI:</strong> <a href=""></a></p> Bachan Lal Bhellum ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-08-03 2018-08-03 4 3 33 45